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This site is about teaching and letting your child learn the basic mathematic skills. This will help you as parents to review your child to prepare for any mathematics quiz bowl. A lot of free online math word problems are available.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grade 3 Questions 1-10

  1. What is the place value of 5 in 465 879?
  2. What is the value of 4 in 348 679?
  3. What is the largest digit that can be placed in the blank in 4_84<4678>
  4. Write 6 X 10,000 + 7 X 1000 + 8 X 100 + 9 as one number.
  5. Round 67 479 to the nearest thousand.
  6. What number is midway between 721 and 727?
  7. Write sixty-eight in symbols.
  8. Write CCLXVII in Hindu-Arabic.
  9. An airplane flew 1234 km in 2 hours. What is its speed per hour to the nearest hundred kilometers?
  10. Add 19 to the differences of 45 and 28.


  1. Thank your for posting sample questions/reviewer. I have a grade 3 son and now I can tutor him in the right direction.

    Hoping to see more post. Please...as soon as possible because MTAP division usually happens in January, 2nd week.

    Thanks again. More power.

  2. Thanks for posting....
    But I have a grade 5 son... will you post reviewer for grade 5 and grade 6....

    Thank you and God bless!