Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Math Challenge Oral (Difficult Round)

60-second questions. 5 points eache

1. Mother bought 3 dozen of chocolates. She gave 4 chocolates to each of her kids. How many kids does she have?
2. A big pizza pie is divided into 12 equal pieces. How many parts remain if ¾ of the pie was eaten?
3. Mama has P 220 and Papa has P 340. If they will buy your favorite toy that worth P600. How much more money do they need?
4. A sales lady had 6 dozen of candies and 4 dozen of corn chip packs in her store. She sold 46 candies and 13 corn chip packs. How many goodies are left in her store?
5. A 500-peso bill is changed into 100-peso bills and 20- peso bills. If there are 4-100 peso bills, how many 20-peso bills are there?
6. I bought 2 school supply items. I received a change of P60.50 from my P100-peso bill. If one item costs P20.25, how much does the other item cost?

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